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Maintaining and Protecting Your Commercial Carpet this Winter

Thursday 14th December 2017

We’ve just had our major first snowfall in New Hampshire and it’s a only small preview of what’s to come over the next several months. The snow, slush, and salt your employees and customers track into your business all season long can wreak havoc on your commercial carpet. But, by following these tips, you can do a lot to maintain and protect your commercial carpet this winter.

1. Use Doormats at Every Entrance

If you don’t stop snow, slush, and salt at the door, these elements will make their way into your carpet. Place a heavy-duty outdoor scraper mat at your entrance so your employees and customers can scrape their shoes upon entering your business. Leave a high-quality extraction mat inside your doorway to absorb any remaining moisture or salt the scraper didn’t catch.

2. Remind People to Wipe Their Feet

Believe it or not, a “Wipe Your Feet” sign can go a long way in reminding people to clean off their shoes and boots before entering. It also shows that you care about keeping your facility clean.

3. Use a Boot Tray

Consider placing a boot tray inside your entrance way to encourage employees to leave their boots at the door. If space allows, place a chair or bench so people can easily change their shoes.

4. Invest in Routine Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is one of the first things people notice when they come through your doors. And when it comes to running a business, cleanliness matters. Routine commercial carpet cleaning will help remove any ground in salt and sand and eliminate stains, odors, and bacteria. A commercial cleaning also helps protect your carpet so it will last longer.

NH Cleaning Services uses self-neutralizing chemicals that flush out dirt and pollutants hiding deep within carpet fibers. All of the chemicals we use are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and fast drying, resulting in a quick, and easy commercial cleaning process that won’t cause harm to your employees or the environment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in NH and MA

Businesses throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts trust their commercial carpet cleaning to NH Cleaning Services. Contact us to discuss how we can create a commercial carpet cleaning program that suits the needs of your business and budget.

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Commercial Cleaning Before and After Your Holiday Office Party

Wednesday 29th November 2017

The holiday season is a great time for celebrating your business successes and showing appreciation for your customers and employees. If you’re hosting a holiday office party this year, now is a great time to schedule a commercial cleaning.

The professionals at NH Cleaning Services will make your business sparkle from top to bottom, just in time for the holidays. And you can be assured that your employees and guests will notice how good your space looks!

Cleaning and Protecting Your Floors

Whether you need a deep commercial carpet cleaning, floor washing, or floor waxing, the NH Cleaning Services team has the professional equipment and people to get the job done. Your floors will look great for the holidays, and get the protection they need all season long.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Got windows? Your windows are the first thing a person sees when entering your space and they should reflect well on your business. Aside from providing a good aesthetic appearance, commercially cleaned windows help control germs and prevent mold growth. The NH Cleaning Services team will make sure your windows shine!

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

If you’re expecting more people at your office this holiday season, it’s especially important to have your bathrooms professionally cleaned. A clean bathroom reflects well on your business and helps reduce germs and bacteria.

Post-Holiday Party Cleanup

We’ve all seen the mess that follows a good party. The NH Cleaning Services team can clean up after your party so you and your employees can truly relax this holiday season.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH and MA

Whether you’re looking to set up a regular commercial cleaning schedule for your business, or just need a little extra help around the holidays, contact the professionals at NH Cleaning Services. We’re happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote

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Get Your Business Commercially Cleaned Before Winter

Friday 27th October 2017

Fall is a great time to have your business commercially cleaned in preparation for the winter months. A clean business makes a good first impression on your clients and customers, and with a little help from NH Cleaning Services, you can have your space sparkling in no time.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Your windows are the first thing a person sees when entering your space and they should reflect well on your business. Aside from providing a good aesthetic appearance, commercially cleaned windows help control germs and prevent mold growth. The NH Cleaning Services team will make sure your windows shine!


Reducing Dust and Pollutants with Professional Cleaning Services

In the coming months, doors and windows will be closed, decreasing air ventilation and increasing dust build-up. As dust and other pollutants continue to collect on desks, computers, chairs, and other work spaces, your overall indoor air quality is decreased. NH Cleaning Services will thoroughly dust and clean your business to keep your employees and customers healthy all winter long.

Fall is also a great time to get your HVAC system professionally cleaned. Doing so will help reduce the level of pollutants and protect your indoor air quality.

Commercial Cleaning Helps Control Workplace Germs

A good office cleaning can also help to get rid of germs and bacteria lingering around your workplace And by keeping germs and bacteria to a minimum, you will help reduce employee sick time this winter.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With reduced air circulation this fall and winter, it’s especially important that your floor mats and carpeting are kept clean and free of debris.


Commercial Floor Cleaning

Another great way to prepare your business for the cold weather is to get your floors commercially cleaned. Over the coming months, your employees and customers are going to be spending a lot of time inside. If it’s been awhile since your last professional cleaning, your floors are probably looking noticeably dirty and dull. Whether you have cement, tile, or vinyl, a commercial floor cleaning and waxing can inject new life into your floors and go a long way in protecting them.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

The professionals at NH Cleaning Services provide regular daily office cleaning and janitorial services, as well as periodic intensive cleaning projects such as deep carpet cleaning and floor cleaning, stripping, and waxing. Contact us today for a free quote.

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How Clean is Your Office Bathroom (Really)?

Monday 18th September 2017

Providing a clean restroom for your employees and customers is not just important for aesthetic reasons. As a high-traffic area, a public bathroom can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. How clean is your bathroom (really)?

Restrooms and Employee Health

While your bathroom may look clean, there are unseen germs hiding everywhere:  from door knobs, to faucets, to toilet handles. These germs can easily spread around the office. Even in the cleanest-looking public restrooms, it is not uncommon to find bacteria such as Salmonella, Hepatitis, E. coli, and Norovirus. And illness at work costs a lot of money in the form of sick days and decreased productivity.

Even if you’re not concerned about the cleanliness of your bathroom, your employees are. According a recent survey, 95% of professionals surveyed believe restroom cleanliness impacts overall public health.


Avoiding the Spread of Unseen Bacteria

Even if your bathroom looks clean, there are steps you can take to avoid the spread of unseen bacteria and germs:

Educate Employees

It may sound silly, but educating employees on proper hand washing techniques will help reduce the spread of germs throughout your office. Within its handwashing guidelines, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that “Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.” This includes scrubbing between fingers and underneath fingernails and jewelry for at least 20 seconds.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

A commercial cleaning company like New Hampshire Cleaning Services uses the right cleaning products to disinfect and deep clean high-touch zones that ordinary disinfection methods cannot. “These cleaning agents are non-toxic, but effective in killing the germs from wall-to-wall,” explains Gordon Bult, president of NH Cleaning Services.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH and MA

Looking for a commercial cleaning service for your office? The professionals at New Hampshire Cleaning Services will make sure your bathrooms are truly clean, keeping your employees and customers happy and healthy. Contact us for a free quote.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should it Be Done?

Monday 21st August 2017

When it comes to your flooring, routine cleaning is always important, but a thorough commercial carpet cleaning for your business goes a long way. In this month’s NH Cleaning Service’s blog, we discuss how often you should have your commercial carpet cleaned.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In addition to increasing the longevity of your flooring and protecting your investment, routine commercial carpet cleaning:

  • improves the look of your office
  • removes dirt from heavily-trafficked areas
  • improves overall indoor air quality
  • reduces employee health problems related to allergies and bacteria

How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Carpet?

Most commercial carpet is designed to hide traces of dirt, but if you’re noticing that yours looks a bit duller than it usually does, it’s probably time to schedule a commercial cleaning.  Obviously, every business environment is different and each space within experiences different amounts of foot traffic.

According to the IICRC, a non-profit certification and standards-developing organization for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries, the right way to think about carpet cleaning is “periodic”—something done on a regular basis that can vary according to your environment and conditions. As detailed in IICRC’s recent infographic, areas of high humidity—including hospitals, restaurants, schools—require more frequent cleanings, as do those areas where dirt and dust regularly filter in.

New Hampshire Cleaning Services will help you create a commercial carpet cleaning schedule that works with your specific needs and budget—whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or annually—to protect your investment for years to come.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

With a commercial carpet cleaning, stains, dirt, bacteria, and allergens are extracted through several methods, the most common of which is a hot water extraction (HWE) process. The carpet cleaning professionals at New Hampshire Cleaning Services use self-neutralizing chemicals that flush out dirt and pollutants hiding deep within carpet fibers. All of the chemicals we use are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and fast drying, resulting in a quick, and easy commercial cleaning process that won’t cause harm to your employees or the environment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in NH

Looking for a commercial carpet cleaning service in NH? The professionals at NH Cleaning Services will help you maintain and protect your commercial carpeting. Contact us for a free quote.

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Commercial Floor Waxing and Cleaning Services

Thursday 27th July 2017

First impressions matter. And it when comes to your business, they matter A LOT.  One of the first things your clients notice when walking through your doors is how clean your floors are. Routine commercial floor waxing and cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your floors looking spotless, and protect your investment.

The Importance of Cleanliness in Business

A company with good business cleanliness is going to make a better impression on its current and future customers. According to a study performed by M/A/R/C Research, 14% of consumers reported they would stop visiting a store entirely if it didn’t appear to be clean. And roughly 30% of consumers polled said they would only visit a unclean business only if they absolutely needed to.

Commercial Floor Waxing

Whether you have cement, tile, or vinyl flooring, dirt and grit can cause permanent damage, including unsightly and unsafe scratches or nicks.

The process of resurfacing with wax helps protect the original flooring surface. Using a multi-level cleaning and reconditioning process, a commercial floor waxing will provide shining floors for all your customers to see!

How Does Commercial Floor Waxing Work?

Floor waxing is a process that includes stripping down to the original surface of your floor by removing any old wax that may have dirt buildup or nicks. New Hampshire Cleaning Service’s  experienced professionals use a high-end cleaning and stripping solution, and then add solid layers of wax to protect the surface of the flooring. We use a high-speed buffering system that then hardens and polishes the wax.

How Long Does Commercial Floor Waxing last?

How long your waxing application lasts depends on the amount of traffic you have on your floors. High-traffic areas such as an entrance lobby or restrooms may need to redone more frequently than other areas of your company. On average, we recommend you wax and refinish your hard floors two to three times per year.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Waxing:

  • Protects and preserves your flooring
  • Provides a clean, appealing shine
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Newer applications of wax are easier to clean and maintain
  • Extending Your Commercial Floor Waxing Results

For longer-lasting results, it is important to routinely clean and maintain your waxed flooring. Weekly sweeping and mopping will help prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. We also recommend using a neutral polish that will not erode your wax surface. High-speed buffering on a regular basis will also remove any unwanted scuffs.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

The professionals at NH Cleaning Services provide regular daily office cleaning and janitorial services, as well as periodic intensive cleaning projects such as deep carpet cleaning and floor cleaning, stripping, and waxing. Contact us today for a free quote.

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean this Summer

Friday 23rd June 2017

With the hustle and bustle of summer, there is no time to spare. In some cases that might include setting time aside in our day to tidy our work area. When it comes to our offices and desk spaces, there is much we can do in little time to prevent what otherwise might turn into a cluttered disaster zone and a dust collector.  In this month’s blog, we share 5 tips for keeping your office clean this summer.

Why is a Clean Office Important?

According to the National Association of Professional Organizations, studies show the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for papers. It not only impacts employee efficiency and productivity, it can also have repercussions on your employee morale and potential clients. Clutter = stress. The importance of office cleanliness should not be underestimated. Follow these tips to keep your office organized and clean:

1. Go Green and Disinfect!

Green products can be used throughout the office to avoid harsh chemicals, which exacerbate seasonal allergies. It also helps to promote a more earth-friendly environment and disinfects your work space. According to a study recently done in 2016 by CBT Nuggets, the average keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Keep a container of disinfecting wipes readily available for employees to use.

2. Keep Flooring Consistently Clean

At the very least, flooring should be cleaned daily or vacuumed. This is where New Hampshire Cleaning Services can assist you in keeping your floors cleaned consistently throughout the office. A deep cleaning every six months or each season is helpful, too! With high-traffic areas, over time, the excessive wear on flooring may result in the need for repairs or replacement.

3. Tidy up Your Desk Area

Keep only what you need at an arm’s length at your desk and use a filing system for everything else. Section out your office into zones to better help with organization and don’t forget to clean your catch-all drawer.

4. Help Pitch In

All too often employees fail to keep up with messes or forget to restock frequently used items such as utensils, printer paper, tissues, etc. Designating one person each day or week to clean any forgotten messes or restock regularly used materials will hold each person accountable and take less time to complete.

5. Dispose of Perishable Foods

With open windows and warmer temperatures, prevent food from spoiling by cleaning out your company refrigerator each week. Encourage employees to keep snacks in labeled, airtight containers.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

The professionals at NH Cleaning Services provide regular daily office cleaning and janitorial services, as well as periodic intensive cleaning projects such as deep carpet cleaning and stripping and waxing tile and vinyl floors. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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4 Ways to Reduce Seasonal Allergies in the Workplace

Thursday 11th May 2017

Ahhh, springtime! The birds are chirping, the trees are budding, and the flowers are finally starting to bloom. Unfortunately, along with the many blessings of spring comes the curse of seasonal allergies.  Before you run out and stock up on tissues, here are four ways your business can reduce seasonal allergies in the workplace.

The Cost of Seasonal Allergies in the Workplace

If you’re a business owner, seasonal allergies are nothing to sneeze at. According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, approximately 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. The average worker with allergies misses about one hour per week over the course of a year and that sick time is concentrated during the peak allergy periods of spring, summer, and early fall. Seasonal allergies don’t just increase employee absenteeism; they also decrease employee productivity. A 2001 study found that when pollen counts spiked, productivity among workers with allergies decreased by as much as 10 percent!

Reducing Seasonal Allergies in the Workplace

Here are four things your business can do to reduce seasonal allergies in the workplace:

  1. Make sure you have good air filtration. Seasonal allergens like pollen enter the workplace through ventilation, and open doors and windows. Be sure to regularly monitor and change your air filters and properly maintain your heating and air conditioning systems at least twice a year.
  2. Tidy up your space. Encourage employees to keep their work space neat and clutter-free. Excess clutter and paper can attract dust and increase allergies in the workplace.
  3. Do away with the dust. During the warmer months, the dust from pollen and other allergens very quickly accumulates on desks, tables, filing cabinets, and more. Hiring a commercial cleaning company like NH Cleaning Services will help your business keep dust under control.
  4. Keep your floors and carpeting clean. All summer long, your employees and customers track allergens like pollen and even pesticides into the workplace. Your floors and carpeting should be regularly swept, vacuumed, and steam cleaned by a commercial cleaning company to remove dust, germs, and bacteria.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

Seasonal allergies can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The professionals at NH Cleaning Services are here to help you keep your employees healthy and reduce the effects of seasonal allergies on your workplace. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning services in NH. We’re happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote

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Get Your Commercial Floors and Carpeting Cleaned and Ready for Spring

Friday 21st April 2017

New Hampshire winters can do a number on your business—especially your floors and carpeting. It’s time to get your commercial floors and carpeting cleaned and ready for spring!

Commercial Cleaning for Hardwood, Ceramic, Marble, and Tile Flooring in NH

The sand, salt, slush, and snow your customers and employees tracked in over the past several months can make your floors appear dull and worn. The professionals at NH Cleaning Services can help maintain and improve the appearance of your hardwood, ceramic, marble, or tile floors. After a deep cleaning,  a commercial polishing will give your floors a clean, impressive shine. A commercial cleaning and polishing not only makes your business look great, but also extends the life of your floors.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in NH

Carpeting can really take a beating during the winter months. A professional carpet cleaning will help remove any ground in salt and sand and eliminate stains, odors, and bacteria. It also helps to fluff up carpet fibers, which can become matted down from winter foot traffic. 

Protecting Your Commercial Floors and Carpet

Keeping your commercial floors and carpeting clean and well-maintained is good for business. When your floors are clean, it suggests that you really care about your business, customers, and employees. It is also essential for protecting your investment. By having a commercial cleaning company provide ongoing cleaning and maintenance, you will extend the life of your floors and carpeting.

Commercial Floor and Carpet Cleaning Services in NH

Don’t let winter leave its mark on your commercial floors and carpeting. Contact the professionals at NH Cleaning Services today to schedule a free, no obligation estimate.

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Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Business

Friday 24th March 2017

Keeping your home clean is important, but when it comes to your business, cleanliness can actually affect on your bottom line. But the time you and your employees spend taking out the trash and scrubbing your bathrooms takes your focus away from your business. By hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business you can spend more time focusing on your customers, not your toilets.

Importance of Cleanliness in Business

When it comes to running a business, first impressions count. And these impressions are formed the moment your clients and customers walk through your door—literally. But keeping your business space clean and inviting has many other benefits, including:

  • enhanced customer comfort
  • increased customer loyalty
  • improved employee health
  • elevated employee productivity

Why You Need to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

When you’re at work, you need to focus on your business, not your cleaning.

“When you hire a commercial cleaning company like NH Cleaning Services, you will have an onsite Operations Managers and Supervisors who manage the ongoing cleaning and upkeep of your facility for you,” explains Gordon Bult, owner. By leaving the cleaning to the professionals, you and your employees will obviously gain time by focusing solely on work.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

Savvy business owners understand the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company. NH Cleaning Services provides a worry-free way for your business to maintain a professional atmosphere day after day. We do the work, so you can concentrate on your business. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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The Importance of Cleanliness in Business

Wednesday 22nd February 2017

When it comes to running a business, first impressions count. And these impressions are formed the moment your clients and customers walk through your door—literally.  A clean front entrance, crystal clear windows, and even a well-maintained welcome mat can draw people in and make them feel comfortable in your space. But the impressions don’t stop there. From the waiting room, to the bathroom, to the conference room—never underestimate the importance of cleanliness in business.

Cleanliness and Customer Comfort

Your customers can tell how well your space is maintained almost immediately upon entering, and it affects their overall comfort level. Our senses are keen to certain details, whether consciously or subconsciously. Our eyes pick up on whether or not the carpet is clean and the shelves have been dusted. Our noses can detect how recently something has been vacuumed or if there’s been any deep cleaning in the restroom.

While employees might become accustomed to the way an office or building is maintained, a customer’s fresh set of senses hasn’t gotten used to your space. Ask yourself, If I were a new customer here, would I feel welcome and comfortable? What detail—good or bad—would you detect? Start there to determine whether your level of cleanliness is affecting your customers’ comfort

Cleanliness and Employee Health

Keeping your building clean isn’t just about making a good impression on customers; your employees need a clean working space to remain healthy. Sometimes the little things we so easily overlook cause the biggest issues. Consider the spaces that tend to be the most frequently used and contaminated:

  • vending machine buttons
  • door handles
  • bathrooms
  • sinks
  • break room refrigerator handles

Cleanliness and Employee Productivity

A clean work environment helps employees be more productive by:

  • reducing the number of sick days
  • improving employee well-being
  • enhancing overall employee satisfaction with the workplace

And happy, healthy employees will have a positive effect on customers.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

At NH Cleaning Services, we focus on even the smallest cleaning details so your business always looks great and your employees can focus on serving your customers. From daily office cleaning and janitorial services, to deep carpet cleaning, to floor stripping and waxing, the experts at NH Cleaning Services will make your business shine. 

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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Why a Clean Restroom is Good for Business

Thursday 26th January 2017

Uggh. The restroom. No one wants to maintain it, but everyone–including your employees and customers–expects and deserves to use a clean one. A clean commercial restroom keeps everyone healthier—and it’s good for business.

Making a Good Impression on Your Customers

Depending on its location, your restroom may be visited by hundreds or even thousands of people. Even if only a few dozen people use your restroom, it’s important to keep it clean from top to bottom. Why? Because image is everything!

How clean you keep your restroom says a lot about your business, including how you care for your customers. And according to a recent article from, a clean bathroom can make or break a customer service experience if your company is in the hospitality or service industry. 

This is especially true for restaurants. Naturally, most people equate the cleanliness of your restroom with the cleanliness of your kitchen. According a recent industry study, 75 percent of U.S. adults wouldn’t return to a restaurant with a dirty restroom. Thus, a clean restroom can lead to repeat business and higher earnings. Regardless of your industry, how clean you keep your restroom will directly impact your ability to attract and retain customers.


Caring for Your Employees

A clean restroom is also good for office morale and overall productivity. Employees spend almost half of their day at the workplace and shouldn’t be expected to use a dirty restroom or help maintain it. If not cleaned properly, a restroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and disease-causing molds and allergens. Unfortunately, once an employee is sick, disease quickly spreads, especially during the winter months. Hiring a commercial cleaning service will help reduce germs and bacteria, essential for a healthy workplace.

Routine Maintenance is Key

Most businesses don’t have the personnel, equipment, or expertise to properly manage this important, but often overlooked function. A professional commercial cleaning company can help keep your restroom clean from top to bottom, allowing you to take care of your customers.

To reduce bacteria and odor and keep a clean, functional appearance, commercial restrooms should be regularly maintained by:

  • using eco-friendly solutions to eliminate the presence of bacteria growing on sinks, counters, toilets, and door handles;
  • cleaning dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas (behind toilets, underneath sinks, and on the sills of high windows);
  • sweeping and washing floors;
  • emptying trash cans and other receptacles; and
  • refilling soap, toilet paper, and paper towel dispensers. (Is there anything more irritating than using a restroom that’s run out of these supplies?).

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

Your customers may not notice when your restroom is clean, but they will surely notice when it’s not. The experts at NH Cleaning Services are here to help you clean and maintain your restrooms so you and your employees can focus on your business. Want to make your business shine? Contact us today.

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The After Party: Cleaning Up Holiday Parties

Tuesday 20th December 2016

The holiday season is synonymous with parties; it wouldn’t feel right without the chance to get together with co-workers and friends to celebrate another year gone by. Christmas parties are often looked forward to all year, at least by those who simply get to attend! There are a lot of details that go into the planning of our holiday celebrations which can be easy to overlook by party-goers, but the ones in charge of the behind-the-scenes have a lot to think about. You can’t be too careful when it comes to preparations for before and after the holiday celebrations!

Preparing for Your Party

Whenever you extend an invitation to a lot of people at once, at an office or a business for instance, there’s always a bit of a gamble as to how many people will show up. Significant others and family members may or may not be included in the invite, which could mean a lot more foot traffic than your location is used to.

Make sure to have your event space prepped and ready to go.

  • Have the floors cleaned and polished to protect the surface!
  • Make sure any spaces that are usually neglected get the attention they need.
  • Consider getting carpets or runners where foot traffic might be a little heavier.

Think about the layout for the event: Where will people be entering? Where will they be spending most of their time? Consider where drinks and food will be served, and if there will be areas that need extra protection for foot traffic, sliding chairs, and other situations that may not be normal for your space. Having a professional on hand to help you prepare might be the best bet for making your party a huge success!

Cleaning Up After the Event

We’ve all seen the chaos that can remain after the party ends. It can be a little overwhelming to turn on all of the lights and see what’s left of the festivities! It takes a little extra effort to make sure that your office or venue is put back together and ready for normal business to resume. Taking the time to deep clean and prepare for the next few weeks of “business as usual” can help get your employees back into a work place mindset.


Party Clean Up Professionals

It’s never fun to be the one who has to clean up after the festivities. Getting an extra set of hands to help might be the best holiday gift you can give to your business. NH Cleaning Services offers a variety of services to help get your business back into pristine shape after your holiday celebrations. Contact us, and let us help your party be a huge success, before and after!

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Protecting Your Floors in the NH Winter

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Ah, Winter… the season people either love or hate. With the cold, the snow, and everything that comes with it, it’s easy to understand why. It takes a little extra care when heading out the door, and a little more time to unwrap once you get inside. Because of the many people who will be coming through your doors with snow, sand, and salt clinging to their shoes, now is the perfect time to think about protecting your floors from the damage that winter can bring.

Avoiding Damage to Your Floor’s Protective Coating

Once all of that fresh snow is shoveled out of the way, salt and sand are thrown down to keep roads and sidewalks safe. But these elements were never meant to be spread onto wooden floors, tiles, or carpets. Because your floors are quickly damaged by the coarseness of these elements, upkeep of their protective coating is essential.

  • Using a bristly mat right at the entrance of your business door will help customers remove most of what they could bring inside.
  • Placing floor mats in high traffic areas is also a good idea.
  • Proper cleaning and preventative measures can help keep surface damage to a minimum as the season goes on.
  • Removing salt and sand quickly and frequently will extend the life of your wood or tile flooring.

Caring for Inevitable Floor Damage

Some damage is inevitable, especially if there are a lot of people coming through your doors.


Making sure you have the proper upkeep of the surface protectants will help you save money in the long run. Scheduling a professional buffing to take care of minor scratches and resealing or waxing your floors will keep your business looking beautiful.


Salt and sand accumulate quickly into carpets. The fibers of your carpet break down and become dull if elements are left in them for too long. Grains of sand and melted salt are quickly absorbed into carpets, and a simple vacuuming isn’t always good enough. Invest in a quality carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction can remove all of the elements that are below the surface, and keep your carpet looking new. 

Keeping your floors clean also improves the air quality of your business, as leaving damp salt and sand in the fibers of carpeting can be the perfect place for bacteria and mold to grow on a microscopic level. Simple and consistent cleaning prevents the negative effects of winter on your carpet investment.


Professional Floor Care in NH

NH Clean is here to help keep your business floors clean, bright and professional. Taking care of your winter floor needs has never been easier. Contact our specialists to discuss what your winter needs might be, and find the help you need to keep your floors looking their best. Simple steps can save you money in the long run. Get the help and the service you need to keep your business in top shape this winter.

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After Renovations: Post-Construction Cleaning in NH

Thursday 20th October 2016

There’s no time to lose when a business takes the steps to update their space in order to best serve their customers and employees. Every day that the workplace is closed for construction is a lost day of income. That’s where the post-construction cleaning services of NHCS come in; we take pride in our professional and competitive services that help companies open their doors again after a big overhaul.

Post-construction cleaning is a specialized service; giving your business that polished and completed look is essential to welcoming your customers back into your space. Every detail must be taken care of, with an eye for the minute and exceptional. It’s the little things that help your customers know that, if you care this much about the appearance of your business, you’ll care even more about their happiness. It’s not just the work that goes into a building that shows how professional you are—the cleanup and upkeep is just as important!

Post Construction Cleaning for Business

NHCS has a specialized team whose main focus is helping businesses put their best foot forward after a lot of hard work. We have all had those moments when a little missed detail made all of the difference when deciding who to trust for our business. Making sure the little things are taken care of—from carpets to windows, sinks to ceilings—will help your business stand out against the crowd of competition.

Post Construction Customers in NH

NHCS serves in a 30 mile radius of Manchester, NH. Within that fairly small area, we’ve helped many businesses get their doors back open and buzzing after a large construction project.

  • Rite-Aids. We’ve helped several Rite-Aid buildings open their doors when they decided the customers would be better served with an improved store layout.
  • Apartment complexes. With building requirements needing frequent updates, our teams have helped landlords keep their apartments up to date and appealing to an increasingly demanding customer base.
  • Merrimack Premium Outlets. When the store looks good, customers can focus on finding great deals. We’ve helped the Merrimack Premium Outlets keep their stores shining so shoppers can find what they’re looking for.
  • Car Dealerships. The cleaner a business is, the more professional and calming the atmosphere is for their consumers. Several car dealerships have used our specialized cleaning services, keeping their showrooms spotless and stress free for the customers who are making a big investment.
  • NH Liquor Stores. There’s no project too small for NHCS, because we know small businesses are just as important as the big ones. Several liquor stores have used our services to keep their storefronts welcoming and inviting to their customers.

Specialized Cleaning Services in NH

Because post-construction work is essential to a business getting customers back into their newly renovated space, picking the right company is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Both customers and employees deserve to step back into a professional space that is ready to do business again. No one notices when their work or business space is clean and spotless, but they will notice when it’s not.

You can remove the clutter, the mess and the stress when you know that your post-construction cleaning is being handled by the best professionals in the area. No matter how big or small your project is, NHCS is the right place to find all of your cleaning needs. Contact us to find out how we can serve you and get your business back on track after the makeover.

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HEPA Filters: #1 Industry Rated Vacuum Cleaners

Friday 16th September 2016

Over the last several years, the technology used in industrial cleaning has taken huge steps forward. Air quality and filtration has become a priority in the manufacturing of efficient vacuums.

The term HEPA gets tossed around in the cleaning industry, and it stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. But what does that mean for the customer? And why is that something you should look for in your cleaning services? Let’s clear the air a bit.

What’s Special About HEPA Filtration?

In HEPA filters, glass fibers separate the particles that pollute the air and make it healthier to breathe. Several processes help the filter trap nearly 99.9% of airborne particles that cause irritations and contamination; dust, pollen, mildew and other small objects that can cause harm are captured and removed from the air.


There are different types and variations of HEPA vacuums available, so it’s important to know the people you hire and the equipment that they use. Every space is different and not all spaces require the same intensity of cleaning, so it pays to know your facts, and to ask questions if you have any specific concerns!

Limitations to HEPA Filters

Not all HEPA filters are created the same. True HEPA filters can collect and trap most contaminants that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter. That includes almost everything that would cause irritations in the air around you. But things like smells, odors and gases require a different kind of air purifier. Don’t let all of the details and acronyms scare you! Your cleaning professionals have the expertise to provide the cleaning that you need.

HEPA Filter Commercial Cleaners in NH

At NH Cleaning Solutions, we use the finest products that offer the most thorough cleaning. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our services and what kind of cleaning you may require for your specific space. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is here to answer all of your questions and assist you in any way we can!

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NHCS: Commercial Cleaners With a Voice

Monday 8th August 2016

Come on in, it’s great to see you here! Watch the floors, we just waxed them.

Let’s get into it–if you’re looking for superb industry insights delivered with flair, you’ve come to the right place. At NH Cleaning Services, we enjoy connecting with our commercial clients in a professional and engaging manner, letting them know that we’re real people with a real passion for excellent cleaning. This blog will be an outlet for sharing our voice, our expertise, and our professional opinions.

A glance at our humble origins

New Hampshire Cleaning Service has always been a family-owned business. We began the company with a handful of commercial accounts, but we had our sights set high. It was our dream to become the definitive commercial cleaning company for the entire New Hampshire and Massachusetts region.

After loads of dedication and some successful marketing over the past several years, we’ve grown substantially closer to that goal. We now service much of Central and Southern New Hampshire, and employ over forty trained staff members, all of whom have prior experience in the cleaning industry

Serving a range of commercial clientele

We typically work with larger commercial organizations and franchises, but we also hold a variety of other accounts including higher education, retail, and state and government buildings. Large office spaces and multi-building complexes are our ideal commercial accounts.

Here are just a few of our many valued clients:

  • NHPR
  • ECCO
  • Canon Copier
  • FBI
  • American Red Cross

Cleaning services, delivered with care and attention

We love developing strong relationships of trust with our clients. In order to provide the most attentive service, we have specific teams assigned to each account. Every commercial client has their own unique cleaning standards, and we’re happy to do things the way you need them done. When we began working with the FBI, each member of our cleaning crew was required to go through a background check and receive full security clearance. So, needless to say, we’ll do whatever your organization may require.

What is the NHCS experience?

In a few words: dependability, efficiency, and excellence. Your locations will be cleaned to your specifications, on time, without complications. We don’t settle for poor quality work, and we stand behind the training, certifications, and capabilities of our multi-talented staff.

Get in touch with us today to learn more. We’d love to serve you. Until next time!

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